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Invesco Ltd. is an American independent investment management company that is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, United States, and has branch offices in 20 countries. Its common stock is a constituent of the S&P 500 and trades on the New York stock exchange. Invesco operates under the Invesco, Trimark, Invesco Perpetual, WL Ross & Co and Powershares brand names.


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Client Service (Former Employee) says

"The weirdest call center I have ever worked for. Managers are not friendly at all, and they are not willing to help. Job is overwhelming, and if you come late a min literally one min couple of times they will write your up. If you ask question the management will treat you like dumb. If you are looking for a place to date and multiple partners to have fun with Invesco is the place for it."

Fund Services Officer (Former Employee) says

"No real opinion. Dull and unsupportive working environment. Other departments seem understaffed and unhappy but front office is the place to be. Operations are also rather dull and miserable.Gym on siteIn henley on thames"

Fund Accountant (Current Employee) says

"good company if you hired fulltime to work there .. if you're contract forget it .. great benefits again for full time .. great location wonderful co workers too much mid management .. lazy useless mid management"

Gerente General (Former Employee) says

"recoger estudiantes jóvenes y niños y transportarlos al colegio antes de las 7 AM y dejarlos en sus casa antes de las 6 PMindependenciatiempos de inactivida largos durante vacaciones"

Client Relations Rep (Former Employee) says

"go to another contact centre, invesco does not keep or fulfill its promises and it is a sweat shop"

Analyst (Current Employee) says

"Think HS mentality. Childish behavior by supervisors and managers. Don't waste your time. Run away. Favoritism. Politics. Gossip! Clitche only when the managers and supervisors like you; otherwise, you're screwed.Benefits are decent albeit high deductible.Run away. Fast."

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Invesco has too many silos and has an awful HR department. If you try and call their number it will hang up on you after a 20 minute wait. There are too many cooks in the kitchen and they have no clear vision or direction for their company. Unfortunately, they have become a conglomerate that is only focused on the bottom line vs. their people."

CSR - Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"One of the best example of a company; where they only hired people with seeing the skin color and and quota wise. they don't give accommodation to disable needs; until unless you are same as white color.Timings are goodlot of Racism"

Revenue Analyst (Former Employee) says

"I was a short-term temporary employee. I was not there long enough to say much. Moreover, everyone experience is different. Can't say more than this..."

Operations Associate (Former Employee) says

"I worked in Invesco for over four years. The experience was horrible. Lack of advancement, low pay, meaningless reviews, clueless management, lot of talk and lack of execution (Quoting Google/FB etc) and also worked with a few dumb people in operationsPaid vacations, 401K, Paternal/Maternal leaveLack of advancement, Unhelpful HR, Disjointed management"

Marketing Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Don’t value employees even though they’ve given 15+ years to the company no communication by upper management. Not enough resources to get things done. No work life balance. Over worked and underpaid."

Digital Content Manager (EMEA) says

"It was really hard to gain any traction. With lots of changes in management, people leaving or made redundant, it was tough to get things done. the lack of clarity and trasparency didn't help either."

Sales Account Manager (Current Employee) says


senior engineer (Current Employee) says

"no work. management would sit on your head for small things. Lot of pressure would be there and sometimes it may impact your personal life.,"

Marketing Manager (Former Employee) says

"Frequent restructuring distracts staff from accomplishing objectives and building the business. No career planning nor job security creates very challenging culture.Good pension and benefitsWeak management and strategic planning"

Client Account Representative (Former Employee) says

"There are a lot of hypocrisy in the environment. work setting is not at all beneficial to anybody physically. Expected to work non stop and there are a lot of meetings that I find not being helpful to the employee's need to know in the tea/coffee/poplong hours"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Head down, grind it out company. In the past year, new management has become distant and cold, particularly in distribution that includes sales and marketing.Good peopleCulture-less environment"

Equity Research Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Granted, if one is on the right investment team, it would be a great place to work. However, within the growth complex, fund performance is bad, turnover has been extremely high in the past, and reviews are subjective and political. I learned that it is more important to play politics than it is to generate solid investment performance. Management is volatile and unpredictable. Some team leaders are solid, most are not. Hardest part of the job is always looking over your shoulder despite producing solid performance. Most enjoyable part pf the job was working with peers, most were bright talented people."

Client Service Associate (Former Employee) says

"Management is completely out of touch with team processes and responsibilities. They are hard to get a hold of when you have questions or need help and will blame you later if you couldn't get them when you needed to."

Marketing Manager (Former Employee) says

"Depending on the department, Invesco is a great company to work for. Some areas allow employees to work remote a few days a week and Friday's and Monday's are generally casual dress days. The work life balance is good in most departments and the benefits are okay. The health plan is way too expensive but it covers a lot. Most employees throughout the company are driven, intelligent and work hard because they really take pride in what they do and in the company as a whole. However, in some departments - IT, Compliance, Marketing and Sales- upper management and executive managers typically pick favorites and like competition between employees. This ends up causing very toxic environments and leads to a lack of innovation and productivity. You can be successful in those areas but be cautious. Invesco grows by acquisition not by internal innovation. Each time they buy a new company the internal culture shifts to become the company acquired. Things are constantly in motion so always be aware and work hard to stay at the top of your field or you may not make it through an acquisition. As a warning, the Houston office is slowly shutting down so be careful where you apply. The transfer agency will likely stay but all other areas will move to Atlanta or New York over the next 2-3 years. If you take a position outside of the TA, you may be asked to relocate or you will be laid off."

Current Employee - Annoymus says

"If you have any creative ambitions, look elsewhere. Most work is administrative Low pay by industry standards Most meetings feel like competition to see who can make a comment with less substance Little to no structure"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Management, culture, general effort, there is no desire to improve, employees will lie to make themselves look better"

Former Employee - Retirement Plan Specialist says

"Horrible processes and no communication. Systems never worked right, which made it very hard to help clients in a timely manner. Paychecks were always wrong. Nobody really knew what their job really was."

Current Employee - Manager says

"Where do I start? Outdated technology, no collaboration, no diversity, enormously sexist, bad benefits, compensation not competitive, as sea of mediocrity. I could go on . And on and on and on. But the fact is, this place's future is bleak if it doesn't turn over senior leadership (there is not one woman reporting to the CEO, and that is perfectly fine with them.) There are other places to be miserable, don't choose this one."

Former Employee - Analyst says

"-After merger, everybody from both sides seemed lost -Layoffs that are constantly happening, people quitting to avoid layoffs or didn't like the new post-merged environment -No guidance from upper management -Health insurance sucked -Upper management unwilling to hear opinions -Stoic and stuck to their ways -Not a lot of transparency"

Former Employee - Executive Assistant says

"no social events. terrible health coverage."

Former Employee - Lead BA says

"Poor management, no work life balance, cut throat environment"

Current Employee - Data Quality Manager says

"Culture ana management strategies are not clear"

Former Employee - Risk Management says

"Confirmation bias, bullying, and egos persist throughout this organization. They're gun slinging cowboys in the worst way possible. Pay is low per hour, as the work life balance is non-existent. Other groups experience the same culture, so I'm not necessarily providing an individual perspective. People lack intelligence, while politics is what gets you promoted."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Worst experience, letting go of entire Houston office by memo"

Lisa says

"As the custodian of my daughters UTMA, my daughter became age eligible a few years back to transfer the UTMA to her but she was in a bad marriage so I decided to delay the transfer to protect her assets. She has since matured, graduated from nursing school without debt and remarried in Nov 2020. I am age eligible to transfer my large 401K, without penalty to her UTMA account, and advise of her responsibilities, as a parent would. But I never got that chance. Note: I also had paid the taxes for over 20 years til my daughter could get on her feet. You see even though Invesco had my contact information, Invesco advisors violated the custodian legal rights to transfer and my daughters privacy and used her SSN and the post office to transfer all assets to her and all notifications/statements to her address without any advisement. I found out when I just recently talked to her about the transfer plans. She then informed me they sent her something but she didn\'t understand it. She also had already filed her taxes so she didn’t know her responsibilities. I contacted Invesco and they informed me because she was of age it was her UTMA and I had no rights. When I asked them why they didn’t notify me of their intent, so I could do the proper documentation, they said it was an automatic change in the system. After all these years, now its an automatic transfer to her address. Its bull and still doesn’t explain why I wasn’t notified. They used some IRS bull to protect minors from parents. There are courts for that and courts if I refused to sign it over. You can’t reverse a UTMA and I had no ill intent. I created the account for her with my money long ago for college, a home or other responsible future investments. Its ironic! I protected my daughter’s assets from an abusive ex husband while Invesco played God to protect my daughter from me. In the end they only hurt themselves. You see all kids aren’t mature at 21 and all parents aren’t bad. Since I have no rights anymore, I will reinvest the 500k from my 401k for her and my grandkid UTMAs somewhere else. Oh and I will continue to research the legality of our rights! "